Why It's Important To Know About Nuclear Non-Proliferation And National Security

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The United States continues to face many national security threats, such as the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the rise of terrorism. While some argue that nuclear weapons can help make the world more stable because of the concept of mutually assured destruction, it's also essential for the United States to rely on alliances and partnerships to promote a more stable world and to make sure that nuclear weapons do not end up in the wrong hands. 

Alliances and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

Alliances are helpful when stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Countries can share in the burden of national defense. The United States can be more effective in promoting global and national security when allies assist in tasks such as putting pressure on global leaders to stop developing nuclear weapons in compliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. 

How the Treaty Works

Under the treaty, nuclear powers such as France and Russia are required not to transfer nuclear weapons to the non-nuclear weapon states. The non-nuclear weapon states do not develop nuclear weapons. 

There a concern that more nations may become more likely use nuclear weapons, and additional nuclear weapons can raise tensions and create more anxiety.

The Importance of Expert Opinion

If you are more interested in understanding the issues facing national security for the United States, it's essential to read books written by experts such as retired military members. They can provide greater insight based on their knowledge and background.

Even while it's helpful to have an academic understanding of these subjects, nothing beats the advice of an expert written in their own words. A book can also be an excellent gift for someone interested in this topic.

Overcoming Public Apathy

Another advantage of books written on national security is that they can help overcome issues such as public apathy. The public sometimes needs help understanding the problems facing national security experts since there will be a need for more support for policies that could lead to a more stable world. 

If these policies have less support, national security measures become less effective. The failure to keep the world secure leads to a cycle in which the public becomes even more apathetic about national security concerns. Therefore, a book on national security can help break this cycle. It may even spark interest in a career in national security.

Consult another source for more information, such as a Guaranteeing America's Security in the Twenty-First Century book.

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