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Keyword stuffing is a long-standing -- and well-hated -- technique for getting the attention of search engines. Search engine companies wised up long ago and now treat keyword stuffing as a bad quality of website content. Unfortunately some websites have tried to continue keyword stuffing, asking content creators to write posts and articles that contain several instances of keywords whether or not the keywords truly fit well in the text. This can be particularly bad in the food industry as there are so many potential ways a keyword can appear, leading to loads of keywords and little usable text. If you've been advised to put as many keywords as is humanly possible into text -- and you're getting a bad feeling about that advice -- your instincts are on point.

It's Mind-Numbing for the Reader

"When you want to find hipster cafe Fort Lauderdale outdoor seating, look no further than X Company's hipster cafe Fort Lauderdale outdoor seating gallery. Hipster cafe Fort Lauderdale outdoor seating offers comfortable seating for patrons who desire seating."

You'd hate trying to wade through a page of that text, and so would your readers if you jammed keywords in without actually considering whether they'd fit. Chances are, if you attempted anything like that in the text on your website that was supposed to draw search engine attention, people would take one look at your site and then go back to the search results to check out other sites.

A better alternative is to create text that reads well and work whatever keywords you can into that text. Search engines are smart enough now to look at variations on whatever someone puts into the engines search field. In other words, you don't need to have a bunch of unwieldy key phrases that cover every possible iteration that someone could search for. Targeted phrases that can lead people specifically to your website, woven into text that is readable, is really what you want.

It Makes Your Content Team Look Unprofessional

The person reading your website doesn't know who came up with the text. All he or she knows is that someone there approved difficult-to-read content, whether that content came from a remote worker or someone in the marketing office. The end result is the same: Your business looks unprofessional.

If you have good, easy-to-read text, though, that informs the reader, then your content team looks awesome.

It Penalizes Your Website's Search Result Ranking

Worst of all, keyword stuffing is so contrary to good SEO practices now that search engines will penalize websites that use it. Remember, keyword stuffing is not merely having an extensive list of keywords in a keyword field. It's creating text that is stuffed full of these keywords at the expense of actual information. Search engines now treat keyword stuffing as a sign of poor quality.

Well-crafted text, however, gets noticed. Not only do search engines bring up your site more often because of that, but repeated reader visits can also make your site more likely to show up. Have a knowledgeable and professional cafe SEO company create your website so that your search engine rankings are better than ever.

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